House of Mercy

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House of Mercy

The miracle she wants isn’t the miracle she really needs.

When a cowgirl makes a fatal mistake that jeopardizes her entire family, making things right will take nothing less than a miracle. When God doesn’t give her the solution she wants, she goes on a journey to find it for herself—in an estranged grandfather, a mysterious wolf, and a supernatural gift of healing that she can’t control.

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  • Kathleen Walsh says:

    I like the character Beth the best as she remind me of myself and my journey to be able to trust God instead of taking things into my own hands.Her growth throughout the book is an inspiration to me.

  • Evan Morgan says:

    Oh, wow. I would suggest this book to anyone who is going through a hard time in life, when things don’t seem like they can get better. HoM is definitely a book that explores those circumstances and why sometimes answers prayers in a way that may not make sense to us.

  • Taylor Bomar says:

    I think the character I liked best was Catherine Ransom. As odd as it might seem, Cat was similar to me in many ways. She wanted approval, and wanted to be accepted by others. She wanted someone to love her. It impacted me that she would go to such risks to get someone to love her. She showed me that I could easily become like that. It’s easy to slip into a mind set like that. Catherine was someone I loved to hate, yet I loved her anyways. She was a truly beautiful character.

  • karenk says:

    I love books that showcase God’s goodness and mercy. Beth’s growth through out this novel was inspiring. I highly recommend House Of Mercy. It will touch your spirit and set your soul aflame.

  • Lawrence Pirkl says:

    Beth and Mercy were my favorite characters. I love a spiritual and super natural story. I thought it so fitting you used super natural Alfa Wolf to guided Beth through her quest to find a way to save the Blazing B ranch. But, I still wonder why Mercy attacked when Beth was riding the Thoroughbred.?? I loved God giving Beth the gift of healing. I do like the ending of the book, it left me wondering and imagining about the ranch, the saddle, and if Jacob and Beth get married. I would recommend House Of Mercy.

  • erin says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that question—Why did the wolf attack Beth?—because I’ve left the answer intentionally open-ended. Was it a consequence of her poor decision, or was he setting in motion something that had been divinely planned all along? What has to happen to us to bring about the profound healings of our lives, and why is healing so often mixed up with pain? As an author, I don’t pretend to know such answers; I only ask the questions. But I do have to give nod to C. S. Lewis on this point: “ ‘Then he isn’t safe?’ asked Lucy. ‘Safe?’ said Mr. Beaver… ‘’Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.’”

  • Kristy Pelletier says:

    Okay the ending left me wanting more. I admit it. I always like that classic happy ever after ending. It’s like what’s going to actually happen to the ranch? I know the wolves are now protected but what of Levi. His story is left dangling and his relationship with Beth is left wounded. I guess in some ways the book is left very much like reality. Not all neatly tied, but it makes me want a sequel.

    On a personal note I love the emotional journey I had when reading this. I posted a small portion of that to Facebook. There were times I wanted to yell at the characters to warn them of trouble. Even in the beginning when Beth took the saddle I was cringing begging her not to do it. Then later when Beth first met Cat. Ugh. I want to jump into the books and warn her. I have to tell you I was having a bad day today and to make myself feel better I went to work late and sat and finished the book. It’s actually one I’d like to read again during my vacation. It’s one of those books you can get something different out each time you read it.

  • Joshua Jones says:

    I have quite literally just finished House of Mercy and the ending is still ringing in my ears. The ending is left very open, and I can definitely see the potential for a sequel in the future. I loved Jacob’s comment in the end about waiting for Beth to grow up, even for a guy I found that extremely romantic. I’ve heard all the complaints about the ending and there being no reprecussions for her stealing the saddle, and I think the complaints are completely unmerited. Ths is a story all about mercy and the goodness of God, even if we don’t understand what God is doing. I loved the role of Mercy as a type of spiritaul guide, and his role in the story as it unfolded. It was a great book all around, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a supernatural mystery/romance story.

  • Josie Siler says:

    The ending of House of Mercy did not leave me completely satisfied. I loved the book, I fell in love with the characters. I ponder Mercy and all the ways that God has had mercy on me. I’m convicted of my lack of mercy towards others. I was left wanting more after the last page was turned. The characters have so much more to share, I want to know what happens to them and how they live their lives. Yes, I would love a sequel to House of Mercy!

  • Lesley Fuchs says:

    I found that Beth’s character was easy to like and I really got into the lives of the characters in the book. I love spiritual books & this one was hard for me to put down.

  • Cyn Hyde says:

    oh my, Beth is me.

  • Ashley Ziemer says:

    The best books are those that entice you to read feverishly and stay with you well after you are finished. This is House of Mercy. So many times we all struggle to understand god’s mercy and plan for us in the midst of the situation, but it becomes fully apparent afterward. But this is faith, to trust God when we do not comprehend. HoM is a great inspirational story that has truths intertwined throughout the whole book that speak to the readers in amazing ways!

  • Joy Hannbass says:

    I don’t read a lot of supernatural stories but I thoroughly enjoyed HOUSE OF MERCy. There’s also not a lot of books that hooks me from the first page like this book did. I’m glad the read Erin’s thought on the book in her newsletter because it makes this book even more special. I appreciate that House of Mercy shows us God’s grace in the middle of our difficult situatuions. I really like Beth…and she just made a mistake any of us would.
    I also read The Bakers Wife and I loved this book too. Waiting for the next book to be here and would love a, copy.
    Blessings. Joy

  • diana blaine says:

    wonderful writer !!!

  • Renn Shearin says:

    I really enjoyed House of Mercy. Beth was a uinque character whom I eventually, as I understood her character more, was able to like and identify with. The book ended in a very satisfying if not tantalizing manner. I wonder if there might be a sequel ….. if not, I will have to simply let my imagination run free in imagining what awaits for the characters.

  • J. S. Bailey says:

    I suppose it goes without saying that I, too, enjoyed House of Mercy. At first I found myself asking why Beth did something so incredibly foolish as to ride someone else’s horse without their permission. Beth is said to be 22, and I’m just a year older than that, and I couldn’t picture myself doing something so reckless. But then I got to thinking: I may not have “borrowed” someone’s horse, but I have made other huge mistakes in my life that I have since learned from. I was being a hypocrite by judging Beth. House of Mercy definitely gave me some food for thought in that department.

  • Emma Engel says:

    For me, House of Mercy filled a much needed hole in my bookshelf because it dealt so beautifully with a realistic supernatural element. I am drawn to the idea of elements of our lives being beyond our limited comprehension, but so many books that include this idea are seeped in pagan mysticism. I’ve honestly become a little wary of voicing my love of this idea in some circles as words like supernatural and mystical are often consider so anti-Christian. But House of Mercy offered a story I could deeply relate to that presented these elements not just in a Christian light, but as part of Christianity. My thanks, Erin. And I am eager to read through your other books.

  • erin says:

    Thanks, Emma. I’ve dealt with some of the same struggles that you voice. The way I see it, we shouldn’t just walk away from concepts that have wandered away from their Christian roots–we should try to take them back and shed the light of truth on them. Not that I have it all right, by any means. But I’m not willing to surrender my belief that God rules the supernatural world too.

  • Annita Huff says:

    I just read “House of Mercy.” It was fantastic! I could not put it down. I loved the fact that there is a Christian emphasis in the background through out the story. I was intriged by the healing power of Beth and the powerful wolf who protected her through her strugles. I plan to read all of your books. This latest one I happened to pick up in our Christian book store in Salina, KS.

  • Cheri Schueller says:

    I liked the ending. It didn’t completely tie up all of the loose ends, but it solidified what was really important between the main relationships. This book really made me think about what is important. I really enjoyed it and it stayed with me for a long time!!

  • James Nichols says:

    Your book is on my to read list. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet but can’t wait. Love your other books.

  • erica best says:

    Sound like a fun book

  • Heather Turner says:

    I really enjoyed this book! I haven’t read any of the other books. Unfortunately, it is hard to find really good in entertaining Christian books. Erin Healy And Dee Henderson are now 2 of my favorites!

  • Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Love all your books. Look forward to reading House of Mercy & Afloat.

  • Gavin says:

    Just picked this up at the bookstore. Can’t wait to read it!

  • I haven’t gotten to read “House of Mercy” yet, but I loved (and reviewed) “The Baker’s Wife”! From all of the wonderful reviews of “House of Mercy” it sounds like I can expect to find a great read and wonderful characters 😀

  • Geoff Smith says:

    I’ve been looking forward to reading this, but have yet to have time to get to it, still working on The Baker’s wife as I finally got that for Christmas – being out of the country makes keeping up with books a little more challenging.

  • Chad VanLerberghe says:

    This sounds like a great book. I was introduced to Erin Healy through the books written with Ted Dekker. I am in the middle of ‘Never Let You Go’ and it is great. I plan on reading all of your books!

  • Mark says:

    Looking forward to reading the book on my iPod as it is much more convenient.

  • aj says:

    I thought Danny was cool as a little brother and could identify with him the most.

  • Lori Quick says:

    I would recommend this book to anyone that loves to read, young or old, Christian and non Christian alike. I have quite a few friends that I have introduced this book to and they have just fallen in love an have become new Erin Healy fans.

  • Katy Johnson says:

    I love Erin Healy’s writing! I found out about her through her book Kiss with Ted Dekker. Her style is very mysterious and I have enjoyed her books so far. If you enjoy reading books like Ted Dekker and reading things that will make you think about your life, check this book out! I can’t wait to read her newest book!

  • Max Sorrelle says:

    I have really enjoyed all four of your books, House of Mercy being a particular favorite as my uncle has a small herd of horses.

  • Heather Turner says:

    Beth was my favorite! She encouraged me to really look at how much space I have a god and that he will take care of things. I think about behaviors that I have exhibited when I feel like I haven’t gotten the answer I wanted from God. So many lessons in this book. I love that I can not only read this book for enjoyment but also gave some spiritual growth from it.

  • Trisha says:

    House of Mercy is such an amazing example of the redeeming power of forgiveness and mercy. I highly recommend this spellbinding and suspenseful novel!

  • San Salsbury says:

    I would recommend this for thinkers, both Christians and those who do not yet believe. It forces you to examine what you believe about God, what appear to be random events, and your view of how/if God is actively involved in individual lives. i know this is after the 25, but if you have an extra copy, I would love it!

  • Jessica Higgins says:

    Loved House of Mercy. I really felt connected to the characters and loved the way the story developed. We could all use a little more forgiveness. Can’t wait for the next Erin Healy book.

  • I’ve read and enjoyed all of your books so far. This one was exciting and I could hardly put it down. A few things I didn’t understand, but then, it’s just me–I don’t always get the symbolism when I read.

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