Winners Announced

May. 18, 2012 • Posted in News

“Write a Triad, Wow an Author, Win a Book” Contest

I received so many great entries for my recent contest. (See my May 2012 newsletter if you’re curious about the details.) These three winners have been selected to receive an Advance Reader’s Copy of my upcoming novel House of Mercy, in stores August 4.

I thought Heather’s best exemplified the “wholeness” of a good triad. Triads are about being memorable, and the mnemonic patterns if this one are strong: never, sometimes, always and move you, challenge you, lead you. Also, it embodies a worthy principle.
Three ways to stay true to you:
Never let pressure move you.
Sometimes let fear challenge you.
Always let your heart lead you.
—Heather Young

I was drawn to the simple truth of Kim’s triad, which touches on a familiar human struggle. This one, too, has a sturdy structure. It also prompted me to think about what a mirror principle might look like. How would you write a triad for “three gifts of an open heart”?
Three problems with a closed heart:
love cannot enter
hatred cannot exit
peace cannot be obtained
—Kim Haun

Lauren had fun with humorous triads. I loved the freshness, laughed aloud, and I must confess—this one appealed to the editorial part of my brain.
The three biggest problems with pirates:
They use swords when they also have guns,
They can’t see on account of their hats
They always start fires on water.
—Lauren Godfrey