Links to Online Q&A’s with Erin

Oct. 17, 2011 • Posted in Interviews

8/22/12 A great chat with Melissa Willis of The Christian Manifesto about House of Mercy. (Audio, 32 min.)

8/16/12 A downloadable .wma file of my talk with Dr. Alvin Jones of  “The Business of Wisdom” about House of Mercy. (Audio, 10 min.)

11/11/11 Interview with colleague Suzanne Wood’s Fisher about The Baker’s Wife in her “Author Spotlight.”

10/28/2011 Erin reflects on themes in The Baker’s Wife with The Christian Manifesto. (Audio, 43 min.)

10/13/2011 Read Erin’s guest blog, “Why Bread?” on Book Club Cookbook.

9/28/2011 Josh Olds of Life Is Story asks Erin questions about The Baker’s Wife and The Promises She Keeps. (Audio, 42 min.)

2/28/2011 Erin talks with Calvin and Melissa of The Christian Manifesto about The Promises She Keeps. (Audio, 31 min.)

4/12/2010 Interview with The Christian Critic about her solo debut, Never Let You Go.

4/3/2010 Interview with Confuzzled Books about the place of paranormal elements in Christian fiction.

3/8/2010 “In Profile” interview with Publisher’s Weekly.

1/27/2010 Podcast with Donna Cruz of WAY-FM about Ted, writing, parenting, and the importance of capturing the hearts of young readers. (10 minutes.)

1/1/2010 Chat with Jeff Ayers of International Thriller Writers about Burn and writing with Ted.

12/8/2009 Conversation with Josh Olds of The Christian Critic about Burn and the transition from editing to storytelling.

12/3/2009 Speaking Italian with Body Cold about Kiss. (Very entertaining when translated.)

1/12/2009 Ted and Erin talk about writing Kiss. (Video.)