The Baker’s Wife

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The Baker’s Wife

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To save her husband and son, Audrey Bofinger must rescue her enemy.

The Bofinger family has lost their church ministry in a scandal exposed by Officer Jack Mansfield. Hoping to heal and to restore their reputation, Audrey, Geoff, and their son Ed take over a failing bakery in the small community.

Driving to the bakery one morning, blinded by fog, Audrey hits a motor scooter owned by Jack’s wife, Julie. The mangled scooter is crushed and bloody. But Julie is nowhere to be found. Her disappearance coincides with a sudden illness that nearly cripples Audrey.

Jack believes the Bofingers have hurt Julie to take revenge on him, but the evidence dries up and her trail goes cold. At a breaking point, Jack takes the tiny bakery and its patrons hostage, issuing only one demand: Audrey has six hours to return Julie to him, or lose Geoff and Ed forever.

With only an excruciating and intuitive gift, an ex-con, and Julie’s estranged daughter to help search for clues, Audrey starts the search of her life for a woman who has vanished like the fog.

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  • Evan Morgan says:

    LOVED this one! The best Erin Healy novel to date! Please be sure to pick it up from the bookstore when it comes out in October!

  • What a great book, Erin! Loved it!!

  • erin says:

    Thanks, friends!

  • Becky says:

    “Erin Healy has hit one out of the park – this is an author to watch!! The Baker’s Wife was a book I honestly could not put down!”

  • Bina says:

    “I would not be lying when I say that this is one of the best fiction books I have read all year … and that is saying a lot as I have gone thru a LOT of books this year … Erin does a great job of writing believable characters caught in the most unbelievable circumstances, weaving together a picture of faith and intrigue.”

  • Linda says:

    “The scenes are well established and described. The intensity is off the charts, particularly the detective’s meltdown! The characters’ personalities are delicately, yet deliberately unraveled before our eyes, making them as real as we ourselves.”

  • Becky says:

    “It has been a long time since I’ve read a book that made me think this much, and I appreciate Healy for challenging me in this way.”

  • Laura says:

    “Merging Christian faith with a suspense novel can be a tricky thing to do. Too much talk of faith can easily seem almost forced upon the story while some good suspense novels leave little room for faith to enter the equation. Erin Healy has managed to merge both into a wonderful tale titled The Baker’s Wife.”

  • Joan says:

    “Healy has woven an exceptionally tight and suspenseful novel. Her writing compelled me to turn pages and become lost in the story. What a wordsmith! There are many issues of faith to think about as this novel is devoured … Healy has added a Reading Group Guide at the back and this would make a great book for group reading and discussion. Unlike other novels where Christianity is a relevant but rather unimportant part of the plot, this novel centers around the individuals’ Christian faith and experience. It is very thought provoking. I highly recommend this novel.”

  • Kendra says:

    “‘Mystery’ is not a Genre of books that I have ever read. I just had no interest in them and the fact that I scare easily, kept me from reading Mystery Genre. Well, I will be adding Mystery to my list of Genre I like to read after reading Erin Healy’s book The Baker’s Wife!! I was soo into this book that I couldn’t put it down, I read it in about 5hrs. I am a person who likes to be ‘in the know’ so once I started reading and there was a mystery’ to solve, I just had to keep reading. Erin Healy makes it easy to keep reading because she makes the characters so real and lifelike that my emotions were of ‘oh wow, I have to find out that everything is OK.’ I throughly enjoyed this book as it had many twists and turns and keep me engaged in the story line like it was being acting out right in front of me. I highly suggest everyone reads this book, even if Mystery is not a Genre you normally read!”

  • Timothy DePriest says:

    Ever since Erin co-wrote with Ted Dekker my mother and I have been hooked on her books. They all deliver and her story crafting gets better with each novel. Keep up the great writing Erin!

  • Mippy says:

    I am new to your books and you as an author. I look forward to reading the book and would love to share it with a friend! 🙂

  • Laura Royal says:

    A well-crafted, suspenseful thriller – I loved it! If you are in to mysteries, this is the book for you. The story is intricately woven but not overly done where you get confused and have to go back and read past pages. Smooth, quick paced storyline that keeps you from putting down the book. As a first time reader of Erin Healy, I had no idea what to expect and was mildly surprised at her writing. Very nicely written, with lots of twists and turns, the characters are very easy to relate to and you get drawn into the book.

  • Amber McCallister says:

    Erin has been a huge inspiration to me since I first read Burn and Kiss. She has only become better and better as the years have gone by. I can never get enough of her beautiful, artistic, and fresh writing style. The Baker’s Wife looks like it will be the best book yet from her. However, Never Let You Go will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Jody in TX says:

    After reading the first chapter, I am very intrigued to find out the rest of the stories that Erin has baked into this novel. It’s supernatural, but also has an eerie feeling, like it’s not necessarily a good power to have… I love books like that!


  • Lori Quick says:

    I have not been able to read the entire book but what I have read is awesome. It is one of those books that once you start, you can’t put it down.

    I am taken with Audrey’s sensitivity as she is led to her fist house. That has inspired me to be more sensitive in my own life.

    I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and learn what happens to these people that Audrey tries to visit.

  • Norma Chabrouillaud says:

    I have a friend who would love to receive the baker’s wife. thank you.

  • Mike Zaremba says:

    I finished The Baker’s Wife two days ago and I can’t get it out of my head!. Erin did such an awesome job with this, just like she does with all of her book!. The ending put me on the edge of my chair and if I could explain it without TOTALLY ruining the ending, I SO would…

    I recommend this book to anyone!. 😀

  • Christy Nather says:

    I forgot to put my comment on here..oops!! I loved this book, it kept me going till the end!! I used to read novels that had “christianity” in them but gave up, none of them were great or they were over the top. This book has brought me back. This is the first time I have read one of your books and I look forward to reading more. I have a friend who would love this one.

  • julie lippo says:

    I would love to be entered in this!! this book sounds fantastic … Hope you had a blessed thanksgiving.


  • Linda White says:

    Would love to read this if I won it! lol thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kelly Strauss says:

    i havent read your book but would love to

  • Cindy Pittman says:

    I have not read your book but would love to get free copy to read and then pass on to my mom. From the other comments, it sounds like a book we would definitely enjoy!

  • Carol Montalvo says:

    My mom would enjoy this book. She is 72 years old and loves books that keep you on the edge of your seat with the suspense. Thanks for a truly delightful read.

  • Adam C. says:

    An excellent story from an excellent writer. Looking forward to new stories!

  • Nancey Schneider says:

    give a women a job, it will get done. give her a book, both will get done! My daughter and I exchange both, LOL. It sounds like we would enjoy your writing. Thanks F.B. I was looking for a new (to us) author.If we are lucky enough to win one, it will be a well traveled book.

  • Hasmik says:

    I was intrigued when I read the description of Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy, “…Driving early one morning to the bakery, Audrey’s car strikes something-or someone-at a fog-shrouded intersection. She finds a motor scooter belonging to a local teacher. Blood is everywhere, but there’s no trace of a body.

    Both the scooter and the blood belong to detective Jack Mansfield’s wife, and he’s certain that Audrey is behind Julie’s disappearance…” (

    I thought that should be a good mystery book. But when I had a great opportunity to read it, no, that was not a simply good mystery story, that was something extraordinary, something different, with a simple but yet, so important message to tell, – you would solve the problem if you felt that, if you looked into that deeper and deeper, with all your mind and soul.

    Audrey felt Jack’s pain, what an immense sorrow – to lose the wife, but she also felt, and that feeling was mysterious, that something was not right, that Julie (or Juliet, as we would find out her real name from Diane, ex-con, and her former friend) was alive.

    Indeed, Audrey was not a usual woman. And maybe that’s why Jack had suspicions that Audrey had been involved in Julie’s dissapearance?

    But Audrey’s extraordinary ability helped her very much. She not only found Julie, but also saved lives of her dear husband and son. Jack’s immense despair forced him to promise Audrey that he would kill her husband and son if she didn’t find Julie immediately.

    And that led to culmination of Audrey’s ability and solving the whole mystery of the story. Yes, eventually she found Julie, a woman, though having a husband, but feeling so lonely in this world.

    I have to say that Baker’s Wife was one of the best mystery I have ever read. Erin Healy transmitted the characters of the book with so great skill that they would play with your mind and lead to your own questions and answers.


    I read and gave my review of a complimentary copy of Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy which was provided me by

  • Shari says:

    I am new to your books. I just purchased “The Promises She Keeps” and I must admit that I am very excited to begin reading, considering all the great reviews I have read. =) Cannot wait to leave my review.

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