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Let me tell you all I know for sure: My name. Shauna.

I woke up in a hospital bed missing six months of my memory. In the room was my loving boyfriend—how could I have forgotten him?—my uncle, and my abusive stepmother. Everyone blames me for the car accident that left me near death and my dear brother brain damaged. But what they say can’t be true. Can it? I believe the medicine is doing strange things to my memory. I’m unsure who I can trust. And I’m starting to remember things I’ve never known. Things not about me. I think I’m going crazy. And even worse, I think they want to kill me. But who? And for what? And is dying for the truth really better than living with a lie?

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  • Curtis says:

    this book is amazing. it keeps you guessing, and then, you think you know whats happening,, but you dont. typical of ted dekker, but with erin healy, she adds a whole new element of relatability. you can actually feel the emotions of Shauna. This book is my favorite by ted dekker, and i have a feeling its because of erin 🙂

  • Renn says:

    Kiss was a great book. I really enjoyed it. The bookd was filled with suspense, intensity, and and intrigue. I stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish it :).

    I enjoyed discovering the truth about Shauna, and it was a wonderful look into a human heart and human emotions.

  • Reuben Horst says:

    So yes, I was the everyday Ted Dekker fan, and one day when my dad drove up to Barnes and Noble, I thought, I should get the new Dekker book that co-authors with this “Erin Healy” (didn’t know she was his editor back then). I thought surely it wouldn’t disappoint.

    And, of course, it didn’t. I think Ted’s usual “action thriller” conbined with Erin’s “feminie touches” made the story unique and cool.

    Though I wish I’d had waited ’til paperback came out (I have to pay like nearly $10 more!), it was still worth it. This has got to be a must-read for ANY Dekker fan. Or Healy fan, for that matter.

  • Christopher Craven says:

    Kiss was the first Healy novel I’ve read. I found her through Ted Dekker, whom most of you probably already know about.

    I have to say the Kiss took me on a rollercoaster of twists and turns through an incredible plot while keeping a romantic edge. I was thoroughly impressed.

    It gets the 6 out of 5 stars from me.

  • Ashley Ziemer says:

    “Kiss” was an amazing book! I read it so fast, I was bummed when it ended. The intrigue and mystery throughout the entire book kept me guessing until the end. The pace was good and the events were well-intertwined. The writing/ideas between both authors was fantastic.I highly recommend this book!

  • Amber says:

    You may think you have a bad memory, but you have no idea what it’s like to truly lose your memory. On top of that horror, try adding in that what you see is not what is really going on. To make things even more interesting, she develops a very interesting ability that will ultimately save her life. Could you find a way to deal with how to recover pieces of your past while having a nagging feeling that all is not what it seems?

    Through this book, you watch as one woman walks through such a path due to a horrible car accident. You experience her pain of loss, and watch as she weaves herself through a deadly web of deception and secrets.

    This book will have you thankful for your own forgetful memory. For no matter how bad you think it gets, it could never be as bad as this.

  • Kathy Brasby says:

    This book is gripping, the sort of page-turner that engages emotions and the mind. Mystery upon mystery draws the reader in while Shauna, the main character, evokes first our curiosity and then our sympathy. Excellent book and excellent writing.

  • Curtis says:

    This book is amazing. It keeps you guessing and you never really know for sure what’s gonna happen until it’s over. Typical of Ted dekker but Erin adds a whole new element of relatbility. You can FEEL the emotions of Shauna. I can’t wait to read more by Erin in the future.

  • Michelle V says:

    I loved Kiss. I was hooked from page one and could not put it down. It’s an amazing read! I have not yet read Burn but I hope to get it soon.

  • Laurie Piel says:

    A real page-turner, this book kept me guessing! I love a book that challenges my thinking and doesn’t give a quick-and-easy resolution to the crisis. Loved it!

  • Kiss was a very good book. It has one of those villians that you love to hate and hero that your heart bleeds for.

    It’s ride where we get to see a normal girl thrown into some not so normal circumstances. And best of all we get to see how love changes the whole thing.

  • Nicole says:

    Loved this book. I heard about it through the Ted Dekker website (he is an amazing writer). I always enjoy finding new Christian writers. Haven’t read Burn as I am a bit behind in reading with everything going on now but it is on the list of things to do! Keep up the great writing!!!

  • Evan Morgan says:

    Romance, politics, family situations; Kiss has all three of those and more. Perfect mystery book that I was literally hooked on from the first page. I was so into it that my parents had to yell at me to come get dinner(:

  • Will says:

    Loved it! I’m a big fan of Ted Dekker, but I really can’t wait to read more of Erin Healy’s stuff. It was really original. Kind of confusing, but that’s what makes a thriller great.

  • Rikki Lee says:

    Amazing book, it had me from the cover.

    Now I want to read all of Ted Dekker & Erin Healy books.

  • Josh Olds says:

    I first got a hold of Kiss due to a contest held by Kevin Kaiser. It was the first ARC I’d ever seen, and it made me excited to get to read a book so long before it was released.

    This was THE book that made me start the journey towards becoming a book reviewer. 🙂

  • Andrew Asdell says:

    Reading Kiss was quite an experience. I really enjoyed the way that her style and Ted’s style blended together to create one cohesive story. As a guy, I appreciated getting the chance to read a great suspenseful novel with a strong female lead. That’s a rare commodity in this genre.

  • Justin Peery says:

    This Book was a great book I have recommended to others and they liked it also. Has a great plot and keeps you guessing until the end.

  • Brian Coultrup says:

    Kiss is fantastic. I’m a huge Ted Dekker fan, and I love that because of Erin Healy, we get to read something that is like Ted’s books, but with a female main character. I love it because you get Ted Dekker’s suspense but with the emotion that Erin Healy throws in there that is so easy to relate to. I highly recommend Kiss!

  • Joel Davis says:

    When I first heard about Kiss, I made sure to put a copy on hold at the library–I am so glad I did. This book reestablished my confidence in Ted Dekker’s works, which was probably due to Erin. The plot was very well-planned, and the writing was fast-paced. Then again, I’m a sucker for stories about memory, but I believe this is a unique take on the idea. Definitely looking forward to more books by Erin Healy.

  • Danyalle says:

    I really enjoyed this book! I wanted more.

  • Josie S. says:

    I really enjoyed Kiss. It was very Ted Dekkerish, yet had a different flavor to it. I loved it! It was very suspensful and I had to read it in one sitting!

  • Rosalinda Scadden says:

    Sounds like an amazing book! I am still waiting anxiously to be able to afford a copy..

  • God is really using you in tremendous ways. You’re doing a excellent job!

  • Stromie says:

    This book was absolutely fantastic. I was captivated by it.

  • Iris says:

    This story is worth reading for. I do not regret on buying this book. I’m truly impressed on how it was written. Great job 🙂

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